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Exterior view of Robertson plaza at night

The purpose of Robertson Plaza is “a place where people can flourish.”   While in the plaza, both employees and visitors should be able to fully become themselves, express their individual uniqueness, and acknowledge the process of living through their unique contribution.  Extraordinary landscape architectural art was created to realize this vision. All circulation paths were monitored and digitized.  Subsequently, “void” areas with limited circulation, a lack of programs, and undesirable views were identified.  We used these organic, fluid “voids” to shape a series of artworks that suggest new circulation patterns, new programs, and new visual corridors from multiple focal points.  

Through over 80 3D computer models and in-house 3D printings, the final shapes of seven unique “void” files were sent to a concrete fabricator to build approximately 13’–16’ x 17’–20’ non-linear planters, each weighing approximately 40,000–45,000 lbs.  Customized precast concrete planters became a design medium for the plaza and were placed within the programmed design “voids.”  Beautifully customized alternating integral color concrete paving and a hybrid running bond scoring pattern enhance the original vision, organize the spaces, and complement the organic planters.  The “voids” became a reflection of who individuals are—people who constantly interact and complete themselves.

Los Angeles, CA

Completed 2018
Commercial / Open Space

Robertson Properties Group

Howard CDM, Kimley-Horn, Brandon & Johnston

2018 SoCal ASLA Design Award




Project Type:




Digital diagram of the voids in Robertson plaza
Birds eye view of a structure in Robertson plaza
Completed Robertson plaza
Diagram of Robertson plaza from a birds eye view
Digital diagram of the voids in Robertson plaza
Digital rendering emphasizing voids in Robertson plaza
Digital diagram of how the structures at Robertson plaza
Diagram of multiple different shapes of structures at Robertson plaza
People enjoying the completed Robertson plaza
Digital sketches on top of completed Robertson plaza
Aerial view of completed Robertson plaza
Completed Robertson plaza
Focus on flooring details of Robertson plaza
Focus on flooring details of Robertson plaza

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