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Alignment of new trees planted in CSU Domingues Hills


The California State University Dominguez Hills campus was originally created by LA's modernist architect A. Quincy Jones. Characterized by significant modernist buildings where large eucalyptus and coral trees have grown on the hills, open spaces per building create unique areas of refuge for study, meditation, and group work away from the busy symbolic main promenade. 

Since 2018, as a designated Campus Master Landscape Architect for 345 - acres CSUDH Campus, HKLA carries the spirit of the campus' historic and cultural significance through a number of on-going projects, introducing contemporary aesthetics, sustainability, and state-of-the-art landscape techniques to harmonize humans and nature in complicated and diverse academic setting. 

Per the newly proposed master plan, the north of the Innovation, and Instruction building for the business school is defined as the "campus edge", where canopy trees with shade provide an inviting pedestrian atmosphere while buffering traffic on the Service Road and East Victoria Street. The I & I building for the business school anchors the northeast corner of the campus' symbolic North Lawn. This landscape concept design enhances a multi-programmable outdoor space while also providing fluent pedestrian circulation from the northeast side of campus to the North Lawn. 



Project Type:




Carson, CA​

Completed 2021

Higher Education, Universities

CSU Domingues Hills


CW Driver, KPFF, Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers, 

M-E Engineering

A 3D mock structure of the construction and landscape for CSU Domingues Hills
A diagram of the landscape architecture planned for CSU Domingues Hills
A student enjoying the new facilities built by HKLA at CSU Domingues Hills
A birds eye view that shows the trees and new landscape design of CSU Domingues Hills
Diagram of the planning behind CSU Domingues Hills
New landscape architecture by HKLA at CSU Domingues Hills with paths
Shows exterior of buildings and how the new landscape aligns in CSU Domingues Hills
Outside walkway of CSU Domingues Hills
New benches that allow for students to enjoy the new landscape in CSU Domingues Hills
Birds eye view of the new landscape by HKLA in CSU Domingues Hills
View of HKLA's new landscape design in CSU Domingues Hills

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